Strong stench, potential breeding ground for pest, flash flood


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Through their personal experience, the team found that clogged drain caused by trash thrown in the drain in Sekinchan area has become worse. The drain produces stench smell, potential breeding ground for pest and cause flash flood. They wanted to build and paint meaningful murals on drain covers in the area to increase awareness of properly segregate their waste in designted rubbish bins. At the moment, drains in their shops area do not have a cover so they planned to hold an event to clean up the drains. Next, they will install the drain covers and educate the public especially in their tuition centre, They hope that this solution can be adopted anywhere else in Malaysia.

About The Team

Lew Yu Zhen
Lim Jia Xuan

SMJK Yoke Kuan

Chew Xin Lu
Lee Shu Xian

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UN Sustainable

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