Each of the below Design Challenges are topics that will be further explored throughout the programme. Select a Design Challenge that most interests you and download the resources to read more about it. If you have any questions regarding the Design Challenges, please email hello@ynbc.my


How can you help the old or disabled to move around?

Is your country accessible? 

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Natural Disaster

How can you help residents of disaster-prone areas feel safer?

1. Drone Jet

Drones are now programmed to help in disaster relief efforts.
What other innovation can you think of to help disaster prone area?

2. Survival Box

What other innovation can you think of to help disaster-prone area?

Cultural  & Heritage Protection

How can you help protect the culture and heritage of an area/community?

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Environmental Conservation

How can you conserve our natural environment?


How can our cities be friendlier to
the environment?

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Transportation & Connectivity

How can you connect people within and around a community better?

How can you improve mobility of people?

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​​Problem / Topic (What)
Importance (Why)
Solution (How)
Team Members (Who)

Maximum 10 slides


Maximum 5 minutes



Team introduction


Why they want to join Young Nation Builders


"If you are The Mayor of your city, what changes would you make?"

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