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We improve the recycle corner located at the koperasi of our school. The space is dirty and inaccessible so nobody not even teachers would go near the area.


We believe recycling is very important to the environment. So, we decided to redesign the recycling corner to attract the students to throw recyclable materials into it the correct recycle bins.


We began by cleaning and redesigning the recycle bins. We then cleaned the space near our school’s korperasi and placed the recycle bins there.

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SMJK Yoke Kuan

Tan Wei Hao
Tan Zhi Han

Pua Ching Ying

Tan Seng Ying

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To help students, we drew some recycling materials on the correct bins.For example, we drew plastic bottles and plastic bags on the orange bin so that students and teachers would immediately know which bin to throw which material in.


From our observations during recess time, some students and teachers have begun using the bins! Hoorayy!


Stay tuned to see more updates from us!

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We want to improve recycling habits of students and teachers in our school.



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