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Walking to tuition every week, we notice the drains by a local market in Sekinchan that always gives off a terrible smell.


We realized that the drains were clogged of trash from the market, releasing foul stench and attracting pests.

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SMJK Yoke Kuan

Pua Zhen Da

Cheah Wei Jun

Goh Kian Siah

Yong Ming Hui

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We want to improve this area by stopping people from throwing rubbish into the drains. We came up with the idea to install drain covers and then paint them with attractive murals to prevent passers-by from throwing their rubbish into the drains.


First, we organised a clean up campaign (gotong-royong), rallying many students and people from the community to help clean the drains.

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We want to prevent the drains near a local market in Sekinchan from being clogged up with trash and attracting pests.

After we carried out the gotong-royong. We ordered drain covers from a factory and installed them over the drains. After that, we painted some meaningful murals on them. We also installed filters to trap the trash from entering the drain from other sources.


We spent weekends and time after school at the site to paint and beautify the area. Many residents of Sekinchan and passers-by stopped to look at our project. Some of them even joined in to help.



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